In response to growing demand, I am taking my classroom lessons online. This new facility, exclusive to Point Taken Training, will allow you to improve your elocution and grow your confidence in the privacy of your own home, working at a pace and time that suits you.
The Plan£99

This fee gives you access to new lessons every week for 6 weeks and access to the whole course for a further 3 months. I am also giving a 50% discount on one face to face session after during the course duration. Please email for further details.

  • 50% discount on one face to face session during the course duration
  • Can work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home

We use PayPal to process our subscription payments. Once you have signed up you will receive an email sent to your registered PayPal email address. This email will contain details required to complete the sign up process.

What can I expect? See a Demo

The comprehensive online programme is designed as a standalone learning-aid to help neutralise accents and improve public speaking confidence. This is a 6-week programme with new lessons dropped into the course each week.

The online programme includes:

  • Week 1

    Phonemic Chart (the individual sounds of British Southern English)
    Full phonetic chart to allow you to grasp all the sounds of Southern British English through correct tongue and lip placement. This includes practice words and sentences.
    Long vowels Vs Short vowels
    To understand and be confident in the difference between the long and short vowel.
    Problem Sounds
    These sounds can often be tricky to pronounce correctly.
  • Week 2

    Days/ Weeks/ Months
    Basic Words
    Useful everyday sentences and common phrases.
  • Week 3

    Everyday words and sentences
    Useful everyday sentences and common phrases.
  • Week 4

    Tongue Twisters
    Articulation Strengthening Exercises
    Exercises to strengthen your articulation and diction.
  • Week 5

    Some find it helpful to listen to other speak so they can hear correct pronunciation and practice alongside.
  • Week 6

    Phonemic challenges to test your pronunciation.

Your questions answered

Yes absolutely. Even as an English speaker you may not be happy with the sound of your voice or your accent. You may be mispronouncing a certain sound, or prone to mumbling. These exercises are designed to make you aware of how you speak, and to encourage good articulation and build your confidence.
Only if you want to. I am not here to discourage accents. I am in favour of people keeping their regional accents if they wish to. What is important is that you are understood clearly, which is the result of good pronunciation, good articulation and confidence.
This course is not designed to make you sound like the queen in a set number of weeks The pace of your learning, and the ultimate outcome, will depend on your individual requirements and the amount of time you can commit to your learning . As long as you continue with your paid subscription, you will have access to all the lessons, and can move forward or go backwards to repeat old lessons as you choose. You can also cancel the subscription at any time (via PayPal).
The lessons included in this online programme are the exercises I use in my face-to-face classroom lessons. I teach a diverse group of students who have both mutual learning requirements as well as individual elocution needs, and my online lessons reflect this diversity.

Success Stories

Charlotte is the best teacher I have ever met. With her great method of teaching the English sound system, I could not only be aware of how and why I sounded the way I did, but also improve pronunciation with phonetic sounds. She teaches how to sound technically and theoretically using easy-to-understand expression. I couldn't speak English well two years ago when I moved from Japan, but I am now much more confident since someone said my English sounded British. Much appreciated.

I have been her student for almost a year. Charlotte's lessons are always dynamic, well planned and interesting. I have not only improved my speaking but also my understanding of the British culture. Last year I had my first experience lecturing in Cambridge and I am very happy with the results. Thank you Charlotte for helping me to achieve my aims!

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